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Established in 2001, CM aims to build strategic manufacturing alliances
that provide our customers and end users the highest quality product at
the lowest possible cost. Located north of Chicago, CM is strategically
located to support prototype and pilot small production runs for plastic
and machined parts. In order to keep prices competitive, all high volume
production run parts are produced at CM Worldwide Partner Facilities located
throughout Asia. Whether you are looking for prototype parts or millions
of parts, CM is here to help

I can't even want to say how we are grateful to plenty for your support and attention in the case of my VA interst and plea.

. We are able provide you with high quality
parts and products at reasonable prices. CM is dedicated to bringing the
best of two worlds together to help you, our customer, stay competitive
in today's global market. If you are interested in China sourcing, custom
manufacturing or product distribution, we are right here and ready to help.

The China Sourcing Division (CSD) is a bridging service provided to North
American companies who want to source either some or all of their products
from Asia in order to stay competitive in today's global market. CSD has
offices throughout the major cities in China, like Shanghai, Ninbo, Shenzhen
and Guangzhou. And we are still growing!!!

We currently have the following services available:

Import Division Service (IDS)

Our IDS services is a full package service where we act as our customer's
importing division. This includes locating an appropriate manufacture in
China, sample approval, inspection, quality control and to door-to-door
delivery service.

Factory Sourcing Service (FSS)

Our Factory Sourcing Service is a match making service. We will locate a
qualified factory to match our customer's product and service needs. Quality
control, product inspection and production delivery services are optional.

China Gateway Service (CGS)

Our China Gateway Service is to help North American companies make their
product entry to the Chinese market as easily as possible. We have a wide
range of services available ranging from the establishment of distribution
channels throughout China to marketing consultation and public relationship
(GuanXi) services.

North American Gateway (NAG) marketing services connect Asian manufacturers
with partner companies in the US with distribution channels established
throughout US and Canada. We provide a full range of service packages.
 Please send your e-mail inquires to [email protected]

We are currently representing manufactures for the following products and
are looking for distributors in the US and Canada.

If you are interested in representing the following product lines or prefer
to have a similar product custom made for you, please contact us at [email protected]

Polyurethane Crown Molding Products
Furniture and accessories
Polyresin Furniture and Giftware
Iron Casting Products
Silk Flowers
Marble and Granite Products. 


Bring the best of two worlds together - Quality Price to promote a partnership
with North American manufacturers and China


Bring the best of two world together - Quality Price to promote partnership to China and North American Manufacture 

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